Training Project Management Fundamental



Today’s and future business environment will certainly require additional skills and know-how.
Competition landscape can change unexpectedly thus requiring all managers to be able to implement new
plan quickly, effectively and efficiently. Modern businesses rely on projects to survive. To survive
organizations must develop projects. Project management is definitely the tool every leaders need.


The objectives of this course is to:

  • Introduce and refresh the basic concepts in modern project management
  • Facilitate group exercise in preparing the project management plan from Initiation thru Closing
  • Encourage participants to analyze project performance
  • Main focus is to train participants in the Project Scope Management, Project Time Management
    and Project Cost Management

Course Outline Project Management Fundamental

Day 1

  1. Introduction and Overview
     Introduction to Project Management
     What is a Project?
     What is Project Management?
     The Difference between Project and Operations
     Criteria of Project Managers
  2. Project Initiation
     Input, Tools & Techniques and Output
     Develop Project Charter
     Identify Stakeholders
     Understanding Business Case
     Pre-assigned Team
     Make or Buy
  3. Developing Project Management Plan
  4. Project Scope Management
     Input, Tools & Techniques and Output
     Collect Requirement
     Define Scope
  5. Project Time Management
     Input, Tools & Techniques and Output
     Define Activities
     Sequence Activities
     Estimate Activity Resouce and Duration
     Develop Schedule
  6. Project Cost Management
     Input, Tools & Techniques and Output
     Estimate Cost
     Determine Budget

Day 2

  1. Planning for Other Knowledge Areas
     Project Quality Management
     Project Risk Management
     Project Human Resource Management
     Project Communication Management
     Project Procurement Management
     Project Integration Management
  2. Direct and Manage Project Execution
     Acquire and Develop Project Team
     Conduct Procurement
     Quality Assurance
     Distribute Information
     Manage Stakeholders Expectations
     Project Performance Reporting
  3. Monitor and Control Project Work
  4. Closing the Project
  5. Group Exercise

 Penjelasan materi oleh trainer
 Studi kasus
 Diskusi & tanya jawab
 Materi dalam bahasa Indonesia


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[email protected] 

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