Mar 11, 2013

Our Team

Board Of Advisory

1.  Rudi Maulana, ST, MM, CPP,CLA

  • Founder and Chairman of Proxsis Consulting Group.
  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Bandung, 1992-1997.
  • Master Degree in General Management and International Business, Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia (IPMI), Jakarta and Monash University join program, 2000-2001.

Started his career as an engineer and international staff in multinational company. For more than a decade, he led the growth of what began as a small consulting firm to be the most progressive consulting group in Indonesia. He has an interest in mastering business process. Over period of time, it makes him as an expert and guru in business start up, business development and business process management. Out of the box thinker and a visionary business leader. He builds a legacy of excellence by helping and coaching business owners in Proxsis Consulting Group to grow their businesses, cultivate the trust, share knowledge and to collaborate to win the competition.‎

2. Ir.Roni Sutrisno, CLA27001, CLA2000

  • Co-Founder of Proxsis Consulting Group
  • Chairman of Proxsis IT and Business Solution Group
  • Bachelor in Electronics Engineering, Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), 1992-1997

Starting his carrier as IT and quality professional in several multinational companies, currently he is one of IT governance, information assurance and business continuity expert in Indonesia. He has great recognizable exposure in managing IT governance and information assurance in major enterprise class companies and organizations in Indonesia. Within the Proxsis Consulting Group, he involves in many initiative to promote business owners to become the leading edge business community in Indonesia.

3. Ir.Endro Hariyuwono, CLA, CPP

  • Chairman of Proxsis Consulting Groups’ Surabaya.
  • Bachelor from Mechanical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute for Technology (ITS) Surabaya.

Join Proxsis in 2007, to develop and establish Proxsis organisations in Surabaya. He has passion in developing of new businesses and entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneur is one of his interest. He had a dream to develop leadership school in Surabaya as we have in Jakarta. And continues his mission to develop leaders who gives more values for business and society. He has more than 20 years experience in designing, managing and conducting  training and consulting especially in area of advance quality and performance management.

4. Fahmi Munsah, ST, MBA

  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master Degree in Business Administration, both from Institute Technology Bandung (ITB)

A restless entrepreneur and a passionate consultant in quality, environment, security, health and safety (QHSSE) and Maintenance Management. Has a strong focus on assisting clients in loss prevention and to sustain their businesses.


Mr. Zulfikar Mustafa

Join in Proxsis in 2012. He has passion in developing business and sales managerial approach. He has more than 10 years experience in designing and managing especially in sales management area. Within Proxsis Consulting Group, he involves in many project and meet various people and company, in which he help them to define and improve their business process management. He had a big dream to make Proxsis East to become one of the biggest Leading Solutions in East Indonesian.

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  1. thomas says:

    Dear Proxsis Tool Calibration and Training team:

    This is thomas from PT. Jiale factory(, we have garment factory, dyeing factory, kniting factory.

    We need to calibrate our tools and train one to calibrate tools in my factory. definitely, this person need to get a certificate of tool calibration.

    Could you give me a price list for tool calibration and trains, please?
    Could you give me train schedule, please?

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